Amborella - Monotypic genus of understory shrubs

Amborella is a monotypic genus of understory shrub s, has xylem tissue, a mixed pollination system, is of great interest and is among the basal flowering plant s. The genus are the only member of the family Amborellaceae. Description Amborella is a sprawling shrub, small tree. The inflorescences have been described as cymes with three orders. Flowers are to 3 4 4 5 mm in diameter, bear to arranged 10 21 stamens. Anther consists of four pollen sacs on each two side. The skin is papery surrounding a thin, fleshy layer. The pericarp is lignified surrounds the single seed. The embryo is surrounded by small, copious endosperm. Plant systematists accept Amborella trichopoda as the basal lineage. US National Science Foundation began a genome sequencing effort in Amborella in 2010. Classification Amborella is the only genus in the family Amborellaceae. Family Description includes a plate of full color photographs. The book includes a new chapter on species concepts.

Monotypic genus of understory shrub s, Sprawling shrub, Small tree, Only genus in the family Amborellaceae, Great interest, Basal flowering plant s