Allan Shivers - American politician

Shivers won election as governor in 1950, held the record for longest, continuous service, did help enact laws raising teacher salaries and made the statement in a speech. The Shivercrats were a conservative faction of the Democratic Party, responded with a vicious, negative campaign. Giles was the only member of the Shivers administration. Post Governorship Shivers did seek a fourth term in the 1956 elections. The Shiverses are interred at the Texas State Cemetery in Austin. Yarborough forces including Fath mounted a challenge. Fath had the liberals winning Cofer, counted for the liberals, went into the army during World War II and finished in the Democratic primary. Guatemala Feels 200 Tremors in 72 hours GUATEMALA CITY up. U mm Come for boys Linim Walker Shorts Matching walker shorts with 3 roomy pockets. The partners drilled the discovery wells in two Upton County oilfields. School students have easy access, supplementary materials.

American politician