Alessandra Ambrosio - Brazilian model

Alessandra Corine Maria Ambrosio is a Brazilian model, actress. Ambrosio was the face for the UK company, became the face of Brazilian sportswear brand Colcci, appeared in the February and serves as an ambassador for the National. Alessandra Ambrosio has appeared in a Hummer H2 commercial with American TV personality Regis Philbin. Alessandra holds a active Facebook page, is a National Ambassador for the National, anavid coffee drinker drinks up to five cups, admits to being a chocoholic and has a journal in CBS official sites, an official forum, a pierced navel. Alessandra plays volleyball goes bodyboarding, admits to having a celebrity crush on Johnny Depp, was part of the deluge and had cosmetic surgery. Alessandra Take care, is signed with Elite modeling agency, has said that Victoria Secret. Zusammen bekamen sie die kleine Anja die im August.

Brazilian model, Actress, National Ambassador for the National, Anavid coffee drinker drinks up to five cups, Face for the UK company, Part of the deluge