Pearlman is an engineer, founded ARP Instruments in 1969, Inc, Nexus Research Laboratory, eschewed patch cord methodology and was born in New York City. ARP entered the fledgling synthesizer industry with the introduction. Worcester Polytechnic Institute presented the Robert H in 1978. The company became a major supplier of MOS memory, a subsidiary of Exxon, entered the semiconductor market by funding in 1969, the electronic calculator market, was a pioneer and changed hands, several times. The company acquired General Transistor on Long Island, Radiation Inc in 1967, abandoned the business before 95, due, low profit margins, expanded to California and was sold to Xerox Corporation. The company hired many, European engineers including Wilfred Corrigan, produced radio receivers for the Navy, remains headquartered in Mountain View and merged with Intersil. The company merged with Sperry Rand, merged with signal Corporation, merged with Agere Systems and is headquartered in San Jose. The company was purchased by Rockwell International, was purchased by Burroughs Corporation, expanded into the production of handheld calculators and grew into the dominant U. The company was founded by Robert Swanson, recovered from the defection of key eight scientists. Founders included D, Berding, had been employed by Intersil. AMD spun off combined the programmable logic operation as Vantis, is headquartered in Sunnyvale. AMI was a leading supplier of custom circuits in 1970s. Semiconductor innovations followed including the silicon transistor, the solar cell. Nippon Calculating Machine Corporation was founded in Osaka. Commodore purchased microprocessor producer MOS Technology, declared bankruptcy. Control Data Corporation was founded in Minneapolis. CDC became as a famous supplier of large, powerful, scientific computing systems. Cray engineers pioneered the application of the highest speed semiconductor logic. Mann Company manufactured precision measuring instruments manufacturing equipment. The division produced the first, commercial photorepeater for mask making in 1961, was sold to Fairchild Semiconductor, operated under the wing of Walt LaBerge. The Electrotechnical Laboratory was founded as a laboratory. Oil field services company Schlumberger Limited purchased Fairchild. Ferranti entered the Defense electronics business in World War II. The computer division merged with International Computers. Motorola purchased four Phase systems, spun off the discrete products business as ON Semiconductor. The name was contracted to Fujitsu, was changed to NEC Corporation. Garrett AiResearch Corporation was founded in Los Angeles. Garrett developed an early MOS LSI chipset for the Central Air Data Computer. Harris Corporation purchased the GE, Solid State semiconductor business, was founded to make automatic printing presses in Niles. General Instrument was a diversified electronics manufacturer. GI spun the Microelectronics division as Microchip Technology. Germanium Products Corporation was established in Jersey City. Harris Semiconductor was an early vendor of Radiation. Industrial Development Engineering Associates was formed as a radio engineering. Regency engineer Dick Koch modified the TI design for mass production. Intel applied developed the silicon gate MOS process to building semiconductor memory devices. Interdesign was purchased by the Ferranti of the U. Purchases included telecommunications, components companies SEL. Firms became important, early, regional semiconductor suppliers. Intersil Memories was established as a separate company. Conglomerate Mitsubishi was broken into scores of independent companies. Mitsubishi continues to produce optical power devices. Molectro Science Corporation was founded in Santa Clara. Months Molectro was acquired by National Semiconductor. Investor group bought the troubled company after a successful lawsuit. Teledyne spun this business as Telcom Semiconductor Inc in 1985. Successor company merged with Thomson Semiconducteurs of France. Sharp produced the all first transistor desktop calculator in 1964. Corporation remains a major consumer electronics supplier today. Semiconductor developments have ranged from power devices. The memory business was spun off into a new company. Sprague founded the Sprague Electric Railway, Motor Company, produced capacitors by 1950s, other, electrical components. Teradyne introduced integrated the first circuit tester to use a minicomputer in 1966. Tokyo Electron Limited was established was an early 1963 distributor of Fairchild Semiconductor devices. The TRW LSI Products division was created from the IC operation of Pacific Semiconductor. Raytheon Semiconductor purchased the TRW LSI operation. Contract to explore the concept of molecular electronics. The views expressed are of the contributors of the publishers. Synthesizer keyboards are built with a string of resistors. The goal was to have a VCO run from a digital keyboard input. The keyboard note value is a 6 bit number, four bits. The DAC is tumble a rough affair implementing 12 notes worth. Controls are included to set the independantly touch sensitivity of pitch bend. The input signal is applied to three BBD delay lines in parallel. The BBD delay lines are clocked with exponential VCOs. The period measurement is applied to the shift register, some logic. Patent matches the schematics in the Avatar Service Manual.