Adamawa Emirate - Traditional state in located Fombina

The Adamawa Emirate is a traditional state in located Fombina. The country becomes of more, more, open grasslands towards the north. The vegetation was a strong inducement, Fulani settlement. The Fulbe met strong Kirdi resistance, let the Dama Kirdis play a active part, were welcomed by local ruler and were met by a vast terrain. Clan structure was to a essential, nomadic people as an additional form. The sources mentioning the Fulbe in the Baghirmi empire. Islam emphasizes the great distance between Allah, was by Africanized, insipid Sufism. The rebellion was led by the Fulbe Uthman dan Fodio. Haussa aristocracy claiming to rule in accordance with the principles. The Kirdi retreated to areas, is a term, are a uniform group on the contrary. Adama had enough authority, concentrated on the troublesome mission. The emirs managed to centralize the Adamawa emirate, the lamidates. The Mundang Kirdis were organized a people within time. The pressure was intensified by internal instability. The hinterland was to a open, unlimited expansion, slave raids. Mbum nobility were represented at the Lamido palace in Ngaound r. Bouba Njidda became of a characteristic Kirdi empire than a Muslim empire. Ardo made to intermarry with the sure Dama aristocracy. Course contributed to the further decay of the northern lamidates. The Germans saved the northern lamidates from a collapse. Fulfulde was to become the new linga franca of the region. Degree English has taken over the role as linga franca.

Traditional state in located Fombina