Abdul Karim Khan - Indian, classical singer

Ustad Abdul Karim Khan was an Indian, classical singer, the founder, was invited to the Mysore court, was born in Kirana near Kurukshetra. Abdul Karim Khan received training, founded the Arya Sangeet Vidyalaya in Pune Poona in 1913, was the first, North, Indian musician to study Karnatic ragas. The Ustad was an expert on many, musical instruments, was drawn to the music, loving people. The issue was discussed in the Legislative Assembly. Appeals have been sent to several Maharashtra Chief Ministers including Prithviraj Chavan, have fallen on deaf ears. The festival keeps a composite culture in a alive time. IPSMF does take any legal, moral responsibility for the content.

Indian, classical singer, Founder, First, North, Indian musician to study Karnatic ragas